xerocon 2015
What do you call 1,600 Accountants and Bookkeepers in a room, wearing formal attire, dancing and partying?

Xerocon … and you thought I had accounting joke for you.

I ventured to Melbourne in August to represent Drive Accountants at our 2nd Xerocon (Xero + Conference). Xerocon can best be described as a celebration of an industry disrupted by technology.

Here’s what you need to know from Xerocon 2015.
  • Xero is a global product. Not only is the product itself becoming globalised, strategic partnerships are being formed with some of the world’s most innovative companies including Adobe and Dropbox.
  • Innovation continues to grow faster than we can keep up. Imagine getting a notification on your wrist watch (Apple watch) that a customer just paid your invoice.
  • Currently there are over 250,000 Australian Xero subscribers and even more impressive 540,000 global Xero subscribers.
  • The xero accountants brisbane Business Booster Education Program is being developed for emerging businesses, giving them an opportunity to tap into industry leading resources.
  • The exploding Xero add-on market, otherwise termed Xero’s ‘ecosystem’, has grown to over 440 add-on partners, 90 of which were on show over 2 days in Melbourne.
  • Bruce Billson, our small business Minister, says it’s ok for a small business owner’s pillow talk to be about cash flow.
  • If it can be automated it will be. Xero’s CEO Rod Dury predicts in 5 year people won’t ‘do accounting’, it will just happen.
  • The dancing accountant, seen only at Xerocon (it’s not me!) (watch here)
What’s this all mean for the small business owner?

It means you are in the middle of a massive disruption in relationship between you, your advisors, and business technology. The tax accountant gold coast industry has lacked excitement and innovation for decades, but it’s now time to buckle up – this is only the beginning!

Mathew Hicks
Your Advisor, Your Accountant


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