Post and Perish

Why am I happy that one of your suppliers just increased their price by 43% and decreased their service delivery time by 400%?

Have you put a $1.00 stamp on an envelope yet? Or waited a week for the mail to arrive? This is the predicament you now face with Australia Post. Just recently, I almost cancelled an ATO cheque that took 8 days to arrive – I assumed it had been lost in transit.

The message I want to convey is not that Australia Post expensive and slow, but rather paper is no longer a way to do business.

As an example, let’s consider the implications of sending your sales invoices via snail mail. Thanks to Australia Post’s new service standards, your invoice may take 7 days out of your 14 or 30 day payments terms to be received by your customer. I can assure you that your aged receivables are set to blow out if you keep sending invoices in the mail.

So why am I happy? This is the shove many xero accountants brisbane (who are the late majority in adoption of technology) needed to deliver and share documents electronically.

By reducing the volume of documents sent and received via ‘snail mail’ your business is taking its first steps on the journey towards a paperless office. This may require changes to your document management systems and the streamlining of systems processes, but once implemented these changes will improve efficiency and reduce costs.

I say it’s ironic that Australia Post, who lost $380M last year delivering paper, is responsible for many businesses becoming more efficient and profitable by adopting paperless solutions.

Do you need this shove to move towards a paperless office?

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