drive cfo

For Drive Accountants this is our most exciting service offer to business owners.

Small-medium enterprises do not have the resources to place CFO’s and MD’s in their own business. However, business owners often do not have adequate skills or expertise in financial control. They have traditionally made do with their own limited financial skills, their bookkeeping or admin team, and the occasional meeting with their accountant.

This leaves a large gap in Australian small-medium enterprises having adequate financial control.

Drive CFO takes businesses from having from inadequate financial control to having the strongest financial control for comparable businesses in their class and industry.

Drive CFO places a financial controller in your business on short/medium/long term contract at fraction of the cost of employing a full-time chief financial officer. Drive CFO provides:

  • Business Plans
  • Strategic Plans
  • Financial Plans
  • Budgeting
  • Budgeting Analysis
  • Management accounting
  • Cash-flow analysis
  • ‘Where’s my profit’ analysis
  • KPI report cards
  • Debtor & Creditor control
  • System and process reviews
  • Software and IT support

did you know?

The top 3 reasons for Australian company failures are:

1. Poor strategic management,
2. Inadequate cash-flow, and
3. Poor financial control including lack of records.